Third Baby, First Baby Shower

Some friends of Deysi’s from church decided to throw her a baby shower since she had never had one before, and this was her third baby! It was small, intimate event for which I baked some raspberry and cream mini-tarts inside of custom-made newspaper cups to match the newspaper origami flowers that we stuck inside of pink painted mason jars.

In addition to the decór, we came up with some fun ideas for entertainment including games like:

  • Break My Water: Each woman receives an ice cube with a tiny plastic baby frozen inside. They place it in a plastic cup and race to see who can melt the ice cube the fastest without actually touching it.
  • Bobbing for Nipples: This game is for the men in attendance who get on their knees and are blindfolded while they bob for rubber nipples in trays of water. Hilarious!
  • Clay Babies: This contest was good for the adults and the kids. Each person used a small piece of clay to shape a baby. You can see the results in the photos below.