Dino-mite First B-Day

We go all out for our family gatherings, especially for our kid’s first birthday parties. For our second son we chose the wild and crazy dinosaur theme.

  • Dino Buffet: Since the event was held in a park where the kids could roam about, the buffet worked perfectly. We offered options for both herbivores and carnivores with a variety of foods—deviled eggs with bacon, jalapeño cilantro hummus with veggies, cold pastas, hot dogs for the kids, chicken fajitas, pork tenderloin, and swamp water (cucumber limeade with dry ice).
  • Extra Large Piñata: This hand-made larger-than-life dinosaur piñata was done in house and was a hit at the party.
  • Dino Photobooth: Guests were invited to grab a mask and a tail to pose as dinosaurs in our photobooth. Photos of each family were sent to each family afterwards. Definitely a favorite!